Our product portfolio consists of our own developments, either inspired by ideas and developed thereafter, or created as an answer to a specific market demand.

Traffic counting via mobile phones:

The daily routine of traffic counting can be optimized significantly: with an innovatice product by CoCo Mobile standard mobile phones can be used to make traffic counting projects more precise, more cost-effective and more flexible.

Events are no longer recorded on paper, but directly on the mobile phone, and via GPRS the reach the server almost in realtime, where they are automatically processed and can be exported as needed.

100% Java J2ME implementation of the "Point to Point Protocol" (PPP) including modem driver and IP Protocol Suite.

With the help of this library it is possible to connect your Java applications (also embedded) to the internet via a dial-up or GPRS connection.
System of Stops on Demand (BEHA)

For details, have a look at info.beha.at

IRU Eurochallenge 2005 Award Winner: Our Project BEHA has been submitted to the IRU Eurochallenge by our Partner Postbus and won the first prise!

Innotel: Embedded telematics platform

The use of a field tested telematics platform makes it possible to keep the time-to-market short for your applications. The software environment and hardware platform are delivered ready to use. All that needs to be done is the implementation of your application in Java.

Further information:
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